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We combined the CPC backshell and extension into one durable shell available in 5 colors. A 3/4” pipe thread watertight grommet is standard on CPC connectors. Snakes are in a 12 pair format with part numbers that reflect cable configuration and length.

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RAMTECH's standard for this product would be sockets to pins (female to male).

CPC Backshell Colors

The Achilles heel for the CPC connectors is the backshell. The flaw in the design causes frequent breakage under the punishment of touring and it is difficult to repair. New from Ramtech, a breakthrough redesign of the backshell has now elevated the CPC connector to true “road-worthy” status. Moreover, Ramtech has taken the design to the next level and now offers the backshell in five colors; red, yellow, black, blue and green ensuring correct stagebox connections.

Classic CPC backshells and extensions are still available on all assemblies. Classic CPC Ends Classic CPC Snake

Upgrade - Single piece plastic shell with a 3/4” pipe thread Kellems Grip for strain relief Kellems CPC Snake Kellems CPC Ends