Stage Ready Snake System Stage Ready Snake System Complete pro audio snake system used by industry professionals and rental companies Stage boxes Stageboxes and Subboxes Main stageboxes and subboxes. Custom options are limitless
Multipin Cables Multipin Snakes Pro-touring quality multipin snake systems Multipin Fanouts Multipin Fanouts Ramlatch and CPC audio fanouts
Multitrack Cables Multi-track Cables Various xlr and trs (1/4”) connector combinations on numbered fanouts Speaker Cables Speaker Cables Pro-touring speaker cables and powered monitor cables
Devices and Adapters Devices and Adapters Direct input (DI) boxes, microphone cables and other stage accessories Power Distributions Power Distributions New product line of audio power distros and modular power distros
Digital Interface Solutions Digital Interface Solutions Digital interface consoles and other digital signal processing products Input / Drive Panels Input / Drive Panels Rack mountable audio drive panels with many standard configurations
Connectors Misc Connectors Variety of common audio connectors and accessories Multipin Connectors Multipin Connectors Ramlatch, CPC, and R Series audio multipin connectors
Transformers Transformers High quality Faraday audio isolation transformers Accessories Accessories Tools, contacts, strain relief, wire coverings, pin extractors